Where I learned

//2004-2005// Black and White Laboratory in Montcada i Reixac, Barcelona.

//2008-2010// General course of Photography I & II in GrisArt, Barcelona.

//2010// Workshop Construir un mundo with David Jiménez, 12-14 February, Atelier Retaguardia, Barcelona.

//2010// X Seminario de Fotografía y Periodismo, 16-19 October, Fundación Santa María de Albarracín, directed by Gervasio Sánchez, Albarracín.

Where my photos are/were hanging

2018, February to October: to prove that we belong – B-Sides, Theater im Kürbis, Wies, Austria. Solo exhibition.

2017, November: Winter Collection, kunst.wirt.schaft, Graz, Austria. Collective exhibition.

2017, March: the unborn desireSensefils, Centre Cívic Barceloneta, Barcelona, Spain. Collective exhibition.

2017, March: to prove that we belong, Fotogalerie im Grazer Rathaus, Graz, Austria. Solo exhibition.

2016, December: Photo Graz Selection, The Academy of Fine Arts / Galerija ALU, Sarajevo, Bosna i Hercegovina. Collective exhibition.

2016, December: Photo Graz Selection, Kulturzentrum HD Herceg Stjepan Kosaca, Mostar, Bosna i Hercegovina. Collective exhibition.

2016, July: Photo Graz Selection, MSUV – Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia. Collective exhibition.

2016, June: Photo Graz Selection, Galerije Lazareti, Dubrovnik, Croatia. Collective exhibition.

2016, April: Photo Graz Selection, Muzej – Museo Lapidarium, Novigrad, Croatia. Collective exhibition.

2016, March: Photo Graz Selection, Gradski muzej Vukovar, Dvorac Eltz – Galerija Oranžerija, Vukovar, Croatia. Collective exhibition.

2016, February: Photo Graz Selection, Gradske Galerije Osijek – Galerija Waldinger, Osijek, Croatia. Collective exhibition.

2015, December: Photo Graz Selection, Österreichischen Kulturforums, Zagreb, Croatia. Collective exhibition.

2015, October: Photo Graz Selection, Kulturzentrum, Čakovec, Croatia. Collective exhibition.

2015, July: Magic Moments, Museum im Rathaus, Gleisdorf, Austria. Collective exhibition.

2014, November: photo graz 014, Kunstfreiraum Papierfabrik, Graz, Austria Collective exhibition.

2014, April: Lamur + the other window WATER, Galerie Centrum, Graz, Austria. Collective exhibiton.

2014, March: Acció Dona, Centre Cívic Barceloneta, Barcelona, Spain. Collective exhibition.

2010, November: Lo íntimo y lo otro, Gallery La Mary Posa, Barcelona, Spain. Collective exhibition.

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I am also very interested in website and graphic design. I design business cards and postcards.

None of the photographs exposed in this site can be used in any means without my permission. Please ask me before. Thanks!