the unborn desire

I never had desired to have a child and due to my irregular and painful cycles I always thought I wouldn’t be able to have one. In the end of the winter of 2016 I discovered that I was pregnant. When I visited my doctor he told me immediately that something was wrong, that I had an “anembryonic gestation” so the pregnancy was not going to happen. It was a big relief for me at that time. But after the operation to remove what was left of this, things turned out really bad. I guess my hormones went crazy and I suffered from episodes of great depression, I could cry during the whole day and I would get very angry with the people surrounding me without any reason. But what was more surprising for me, I was not sure anymore that I didn’t want to have a child, maybe it would be ok to have one.

Maybe the unborn desire to have a child was being born.

I dedicate this little project to David, who had to go through a lot because of me and, after all, was very kind and patient and still is.